Suggestions for library staff

Calling all librarians and library staff across the UK – what will you do to celebrate National Libraries Day?

If your library is not open on Saturdays get involved by organising activities during the week running up to Saturday 8 February.

If you’re organising an event don’t forget to contact local press with details in advance. Let them know what is happening, when it will take place, who will be involved and if there will be a photo opportunity or if you will send photographs afterwards. Feel free to use details from this press release sent to national media. Read Media Trust’s guide to writing a good press release.

If you’re short on ideas, here are a few suggestions for all types of libraries…

  • Encourage people to use your library and find out about all the services you offer. If you’re a public library, why not run ‘mini taster sessions’ of the services you provide throughout the week?
  • If you’re a university or commercial library why not go ‘open access’ for the day and show people what you do? You could even invite the decision makers in your organisation to the library for a personal tour?
  • Persuade people to ‘come in from the cold’ on National Libraries Day by offering warming drinks and cake/biscuits in your library building. Once they are in you can tell them about all the great services you provide.
  • Library Treasures: organise a ‘treasure hunt’ by hiding clues around your library – the first one to solve the final clue wins a prize.
  • Give a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of your organisation – show your library users all those areas of the library that you normally keep to yourself.
  • Put on a special event that gets people through the door – an author talk, a creative session with an illustrator, a party?
  • Run a membership campaign in the week running up to National Libraries Day. Hand out flyers in your local pubs, community and shopping centres. You could even enter everyone who joins that week into a prize draw.
  • Anticipate the day by asking users to write on a piece of paper or post-it note why they love their library or librarian and then create a display. If you have old photographs of your library, make a mini exhibition to act as a talking point and provoke nostalgic reminiscences.
  • If you’re running an event make sure you contact the local press and invite them along. Think about setting up a photo opportunity.
  • Does a local celebrity support your library? Why not get them involved, set up a signing, photo opportunity or talk/reading. Get them to tweet why your library is the best of the rest!
  • Contact your local MP and invite them to the library, perhaps they could run their surgery session in the library that week?
  • Do you have a Women’s Institute near to you? Are they interested in getting involved? Why not ask them what they’d like to do?