Find and add events

Join the celebrations!

Use the interactive map to add events that you are running, or to see what events are taking place that you can join in.

View or search events

Open the large National Libraries Day 2015 map where you can see a list of all events posted, or search by area.

Add an event to the map

To add an event to the map, you first need to visit the map page and then follow these 5 steps:

1. log in with a Google account

Log in to your Google account

2. Click the blue ‘edit’ link, at the top left of the screen

Click the blue edit link

3. Click on the grey ‘placemark’ icon, just under the search bar

Click the placeholder icon
4. Position the placeholder icon (as precisely as possible) on the location of your event then add a title and details, with a web link and image if possible

Add title and description then click save
5. Click ‘Save’ in the top left and your event should now appear on the map

Example event on map